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Providing affordable legal services for Divorce and Family Law litigants.

separation and divorce

division of assets

custody and parenting time


child support


debt resolution

mediation and dispute resolution

litigation and trial expertise

Stein & Higgs has the competence, experience, and compassion to assist our clients during some of their darkest moments. When you married you never intended for this moment to come. Irreconcilable differences and difficulties have made it impossible to fulfill those vows. You owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney that will understand you, carefully explain your rights, the process and the costs, and make a commitment to helping you recover, move on, and help you find PEACE OF MIND.

Whether it is a simple no asset, no child divorce, or a complicated dispute over custody and parenting time, Stein & Higgs has the ability to help you make reasonable rational decisions, assist you in managing every aspect of the proceedings, and advocate for your rights. . The law is clear, and Stein & Higgs will put you first. 

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